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Home FAQs How can I tell if a release has occurred?

How can I tell if a release has occurred?

Various warning signals can indicate that your underground storage tank (UST) may be leaking and creating problems for the environment and your business.  You can minimize these problems by paying attention to early warning signals and reacting to them quickly before major problems develop.


You should suspect a leak when you discover any of the following warnings signals:

  •  You, your coworkers, or customers smell escaped product or see anything like an oily sheen on on water near the facility.


  • Your neighbors complain of vapors in their basements or about water that tastes or smells like petroleum.


  • Someone reports unusual operating conditions at your facility, such as erratic behavior or the dispensing pump.


  • You receive or generate results from leak detection monitoring and testing that indicates a leak.




Fun Facts

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